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Kitchen Science

Charles River

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Kitchen Science

Gastronomic Chemistry
Hands on experiment demonstrating the use of chemistry in cooking. Looking at spherification which is used in molecular gastronomy and make your own tasty treats.

Chemistry is Fun
Understanding the chemistry of polymers is important in designing drug formulations. Learn more about polymerisation while turning liquid into a slimy solid

Workshop start times -
Every 30 minutes from 10.30am - 4pm

Workshop Date & Time Duration
2014-03-23, 10:30 30 minutes

Create and play your own Video Game


Suitable for 6 years+

Love video games! Children as young as 6 years old can create their own games in this cool class!
Choose your storyline with fairy princesses, dragons, or wild wacky aliens, add challenges and levels of difficulty - a great introduction to video game design.

Workshop session: 30 minutes

Workshop start times -
Saturday 22 March: 10.30am
Sunday 23 March: 1.30pm & 3.30pm


Computer Aided 3D Modelling


Suitable for 8 years+

Learn how to build amazing 3D models of your own design from mansions and castles to race tracks and skate parks....even your very own primary school!

Workshop session: 30 minutes

Workshop start times -
Saturday 22 March: 11.30am
Sunday 23 March: 2.30pm


Organ Dissections

Dunbar Grammar School & Charles River

Suitable for 8 years+

A sheep heart and lungs will be dissected. We will cover anatomy and physiology and children will have the chance to put some gloves on and have a hands on experience if they wish.

Workshop session: 45 mins

Workshop start times -
Saturday 22 March: 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm & 1.30(Delivered by Dunbar Grammar School Science Teachers)

Sunday 23 March: 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm & 1.30(Delivered by Charles River)


Dino Dig

East Lothian Council Museums Service

Suitable for 4 years+

Join East Lothian Council Museums Service in helping us dig up a dinosaur and other fossils!

Workshop session: 30 minutes


Dino's Dynamos on the Road

Our Dynamic Earth

Suitable for 6 years+

Call of the Wild
What would it be like if Earth fell silent? The noises of our planet fill our ears everyday but how good are you at recognising them? Or working out what they mean? Complete our sound challenge to test how good your ears are, discover more about how sound works and create a musical instrument to make a tune of your own.

Dining with Dino
Join us on a voyage of discovery to explore the different ways we experience our food. Experiment with all five of your senses to understand how they are involved in the joy of eating. Find out what kind of taster you are and create a personalised lunch bag to take home.


The Wonders of our Solar System

Royal Observatory Edinburgh Visitor Centre

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Come along to discover the Wonders of our Solar System.
How big is the Solar System and its planets? Get your hands on a rock from space! And find out the ingredients which make up a comet!

Workshop session: 30 mins


Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead

Time-Tastical Productions

Suitable for 13 years+

Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead is a comedy lecture presented by a Theoretical Zombiologist. The lecture lifts the lid on the Zombie skull and peers into the brain of the infamous movie monster, explaining the science of Zombies using interactive demonstrations and a multi-media presentation. Brain of the Dead is the third show in the Zombie Science series, which has attracted audiences of over 30,000 at more than 400 lectures across the UK and Ireland and is supported by a Society Award from the Wellcome Trust. This is the science you need to survive the inevitable Zombie apocalypse.

Workshop start times -
Saturday 22 March: 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Saturday 23 March: 11am, 1pm & 3pm


The Sky tonight

thinkScience Ltd

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Young stars, old stars, galaxies and planets. Experience the night sky in the thinkScience Starlab Planetarium. Journey to the stars and back and find out what you can see tonight from your own back garden.

Workshop session: 30 mins