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Suitable for all ages (3+)

Find out about energy saving ideas, generating your own renewable energy and get an energy audit for your own home. Featuring Energy Awareness quiz and model of home insulation, and draughtbusting. A range of information about the latest promotion from the BeGreen Energy Efficiency project – Solar Thermal


Community Windpower

Community Windpower Ltd

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Drop-in workshop to learn more about wind power, watch our DVD and see a wind farm being constructed, take part in our ‘draw a wind farm’ competition and other fun wind power based activities.

Learn more about reducing carbon emissions and energy saving measures with our BeGreen Initiative.


Dunbar Christmas Lights

Dunbar Christmas Lights

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Dunbar Christmas lights are run by a small group of volunteers who create and maintain the best display of Christmas lights in East Lothian.

This doesn’t just happen in December. It is a year round venture. Come and get the chance to see how a Christmas light display is made through an interactive exhibit


Raspberry Pis

Dunbar Science Club

Suitable for 4 years+

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

This drop-in session run by Dunbar Science Club will allow you to see and use the Raspberry Pi yourself.

Examine the credit-card sized computer, use it to write documents, play games, teach yourself the basics of programming, but, more importantly, capture your imagination and spark your enthusiasm for computers!

With special thanks to the Raspberry Pi foundation for allowing us to demonstrate its product.

Drop-In Session Date & Time Duration
2014-03-23, 10:00 45 minutes
Additional resources
Dunbar Science Club

Dunbar Businesses Pop Up at SciFest

Dunbar Traders' Association

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Dunbar Trades’ Association brings a flavour of the town’s businesses and facilities to SciFest.

Dunbar Trades’ Association has been in operation since 1942 and is one of the oldest surviving associations in the EH42 area. The values are simple in that the Association seeks to improve the local area and promote more economic activity.

This is delivered through voluntary events, projects and the collective promotion of businesses operating in EH42. The DTA have members from all sectors of industry from shop keepers, tradesmen, sole traders to large businesses. There are strong ties with local government and other local organisations, which informs members about what is happening in the town. There are networking opportunities as well as being able to have face-to-face discussions with a variety of local business people who can provide a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Over the years the DTA has gained funding and spent thousands of pounds promoting the town both locally, nationally and internationally. A Discover Dunbar brochure is issued each year highlighting the attraction of the local area and this is distributed to many tour operators, attractions and individuals. The DTA also work tirelessly to improve the local area, amenities and signage, something that is vital to keep the High Street alive.

Sunday only


Busking Bikes


Suitable for all ages (3+)

Open our tricycle of tricks and discover some spectacular street science.
This is busking like you’ve never seen it before. Open our tricycle of tricks to find it full to the brim with impressive, explosive, messy and downright weird science experiments.
Watch some unforgettable demonstrations and even get involved yourself - we’ll need volunteers to help us investigate sports science and to perform some gravity defying science tricks.
From the dangers of flatulent cows, the finding out how carbon capture could save the planet, get up close and personal with some of the most interesting an unusual science happening today. Science has never been so entertaining!


East Coast FM Live!

East Coast 107.6 FM

Suitable for all ages (3+)

East Coast 107.6FM will be broadcasting live from Dunbar SciFest! Can be heard on 107.6FM and on Tunein Radio Phone app as well as their website www.eastcoastfm.co.uk


Rabbit Gestation- How many Rabbits in a year?

East Links Family Park

Suitable for all ages (3+)

East Links will be offering animal handling sessions with Coco the rabbit and her 6 rabbit kittens as well as offering information on rabbit gestation and some interesting rabbit facts.



East Lothian Council Archaeology Service / Archaeology Scotland

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Archaeo-science is a drop-in event where you can discover the power of plants in archaeology. Archaeologists study the remains of the past through what people left behind – usually their rubbish! Organic remains such as plants and things made from them such as clothes usually rot away in the ground. But there are some ways that plants used in the past can survive – discover how with archaeologists from East Lothian Council Archaeology Service, Archaeology Scotland, Addyman Archaeology and Rubicon Heritage.

Tree ring dating – We can date buildings from their rafters and find out where the trees grew. Count the rings and find out how old our building timbers are.

Whose Poo? – Fossilized poo can tell us what crops people grew and ate in the past. Try being an environmental archaeologist and see if you can identify the poos of a Roman, Viking or medieval person.

Pollen puzzles – Pollen is found in soil or in peat bogs and can tell us about the landscape. Be a soil scientist and identify the pollen to reveal what plants and trees were growing in the past.

Ötzi the Iceman – Ötzi’s tools and possessions were mostly made out of plants including his clothes, bag and medicines. See if you can count how many different plants and trees he would have used.


Coastal Discovery

East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Join the Rangers on a virtual walk along the East Lothian coast.
Wander through the changing landscape and try and identify the animals that call this dynamic landscape home, whilst learning more about the formation of the rocks.
Test your knowledge with an ID quiz and if you’re brave enough try and identify what’s in the feely box!

Saturday only.


Gene Genius and Cell Investigator

Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre and Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Become a gene genius and investigate your cells with researchers from the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre & Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

As a cell investigator you will learn about the workings of your cells, build a model and see your own cells down the microscope. As a gene genius you will discover if you are a ‘super taster’ and take on the chromosome challenge!


Practical Science

Edinburgh College

Suitable for all ages (3+)

A collection of hands on science experiments and demonstrations to excite young minds.

Non-newtonian liquids
– self pouring goo, a polymer slime that pours itself uphill!

- Dancing Cornflour, corn flour is liquid when left alone and a solid when impacted. Using sound waves to impact the solution strange dancing shaped appear in the liquid.

- Fire writing, using a solution of potassium nitrate children can draw a small shape or letter on a piece of paper. When dry and exposed to heat the shape or letter burns away without a flame.

- Devils Horns, sugar is burned very slowly to release all of the energy and exemplify how much carbon is within sugar. The result is a large black set of horns.

- Conservation of angular momentum, pupils hold a large spinning wheel while on a swivel platform, when turned this propels the pupils into a small spin.

- Mind flex, mind controlled game. Pupils focus on the ball and their brain waves control the movement of the ball.


BodyWorks OnTour – Fit Lab Exhibit Workshops

Glasgow Science Centre

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Fit Lab Exhibits - This pulse-raising interdisciplinary experience will allow the exploration of endurance, strength, agility, speed and coordination through a range of zoned exhibits.
Participants will become scientist and subject in a personalised investigation and with cutting edge technology they will see their collective data live.



Heriot Watt University - Dept of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Sadly, this drop-in session will no longer be at Dunbar SciFest. Get Well Soon, Jim!

Heriot-Watt University will be bringing lots of robot vehicles for you to try. Drive a Robokid buggy round the floor but remember not to crash! Then try the robot challenge by driving our radio controlled robot through a twisty route. Get there quick! Finish up your visit by viewing our robot exhibits and collecting your robot fridge magnet kit. Wow..........


From deep sea to deep space: the technologies revolutionising biological and medical imaging

Heriot Watt University - Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Suitable for all ages (3+)

We will discuss our research into cellular biology, and how we use cutting edge microscopy, genetics, physics and engineering to understand life at the fundamental limit. Our exhibition will focus on how bioluminescent marine organisms have revolutionised biological microscopy by providing a means to directly observe the details of how cells work, interact and function. We will explain bioluminescence, how it is applied to cellular microscopy and how continuing advances in microscopy technologies, for example by adapting astronomy based methods, further push the boundaries on what can be observed inside isolated living cells.

We will have a hands-on experiment where visitors can extract and observe fluorescent material from plants and observe single cells in a state of the art fluorescent microscope. We will also have examples and demonstrations of some of the research techniques we use to explore molecular biology and technological advances pushing the boundaries of the next generation of microscopy developments.

A group of internationally leading, active researchers will man the demonstration providing an opportunity to engage with the very individuals pioneering the above research.

Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences of Heriot Watt University


Lafarge Tarmac

Lafarge Tarmac

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Cast your hand print in cement

360 degree Virtual Tour of a quarry


Geology and Geoconservation

Lothian & Borders Geoconservation

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Selection of geological leaflets for taking away: particularly
Barns Ness, Dunbar Harbour, Traprain Law and North Berwick Volcanoes

Table-top activities: such as fossil rubbing table and cards,
plate tectonic jigsaw and sheets

Display of Posters: such as Barns Ness, East Lothian, etc.
Displays: Rocks and Fossils


Threats to Scottish seas

Marine Conservation Society

Suitable for all ages (3+)

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. Our work gives a public voice to enable us to challenge governments and organisations who can make a difference to the way our oceans are treated.


Ocean Science Consulting

Ocean Science Consulting

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Visit Ocean Science Consulting’s (OSC) stand to find out more about marine mammals, including what you can see around the Scottish coast, and how scientists from OSC were the first in the world to eavesdrop on the underwater chatter of harbour porpoises around the legs of North Sea offshore oil and gas installations.


Can You Build a Body?

Queen Margaret University

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Can you name all the organs in the body and what they do?
You will be given all the organs and a torso to fit your organs in. But first you must be able to label the organs and their function. You then have to complete this 3D jigsaw to get all the organs in the correct locations.


Dunbar's Crabs and Critters

Royal HaskoningDHV and Heriot Watt University

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Working with colleagues in Heriot Watt University, some of Royal HaskoningDHV professional marine biologists will showcase some of the marine creatures found off Dunbar's coast and rock pools. You'll get a chance to handle some of the animals, see them up close and understand how they are superbly adapted to life in our turbulent seas.


Make it Molecular

Science@Cwaben and Royal Society of Chemistry

Suitable for all ages (3+)

This drop-in session allows participants to gain an understanding of how molecules are made up of atoms linked together. It is based mainly on organic molecules with particular emphasis on Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen with some other atoms also included. Templates are available showing the structure of a wide range of molecules. These range from simple structures such as Ethanol and Acetic Acid to complex molecules including Caffeine, Aspirin, Indigo and a number of Vitamins. Experts are available to guide the participants and help them to understand the chemistry involved. When they have completed their molecule the participants can have their picture taken along with their model as a record of their achievement.

This drop-in session is being delivered with the aid of a Public Activities Small Grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Professor Egghead's Super Seabirds! Busking

Scottish Seabird Centre

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Meet Professor Egghead and the Scottish Seabird Centre’s mascot Tammie the puffin and be amazed by super seabird facts!

Get a sneaky peak of the Professor’s new actioned packed Easter show, ‘The survival of the fittest’. Be one of the lucky ones to get your hands on free passes for the Discovery Centre where you can zoom in on lots of wildlife wonders, including puffins and gannets, on the Firth of Forth islands.


My World of Work

Skills Development Scotland

Suitable for 8 years+

My World of Work: Science Careers Information Stand.


Household Canny Challenge

Sustaining Dunbar

Suitable for all ages (3+)

The Household Canny Challenge is the Sustaining Dunbar project funded by the Scottish Government and works to help achieve Scottish Government objectives.
The programme supports households and Schools to reduce their CO2 emissions through actions they choose to take such as: draught proofing and insulating their homes/schools, reducing energy use, generation of renewable energy, growing more of their own food, wasting less food and reusing food waste to make rich compost, reducing waste going to landfill, and changing how they travel to school and work.

Saturday only


Green Hero Course Online and Teacher Resource for the Classroom

The Environmental Academy

Suitable for 7 years+

The Environmental Academy will be running a free drop in session to engage teachers and the explain the usefulness of the Green Hero resource for their students at Key Stage 2..

The Green Hero Resource can support Geography, ICT, Citizenship and Languages (German and Spanish). It also compliments the National Eco Schools Programme.

The interactive online course which contains videos, and flash activities will engage students and embed environmental learning in a fun and stimulating way.

Students have the opportunity to win a short trip to Brussels to receive the Green Hero Award.


Neuroscience Fun

University of Edinburgh

Suitable for all ages (3+)

A few fun activities getting children interested in the brain!


Discover Biology

University of Edinburgh, School of Biological Sciences

Suitable for 5 years+

Join Biologists from University of Edinburgh to find out what they’ve been doing this year, from genetic discoveries using fruit flies, to fighting infectious diseases. Make some discoveries yourself using a microscope and more!

Saturday only


Life Through a Lens

University of Edinburgh, School of Biology and Midlothian Science Festival

Suitable for all ages (3+)

A chance to have a look at different kinds of microscopes and see how things appear when magnified. Specimens of all sorts on display. Bring your own specimen and have a look at it with our equipment!

Sunday only


Crystal Chemistry

University of Edinburgh, School of Chemistry

Suitable for all ages (3+)

2014 is the International Year of Crystallography and the School of Chemistry is celebrating just how important these structures are to our understanding of the world around us. We’ll be investigating how they are formed, why they are the shapes that they are and how that changes their properties.


Washington Wetland Centre

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Suitable for all ages (3+)

Make your own wooden animal whilst finding out why conservation is cool ! Get to grips with surprising props !


Torness power station mobile visitor centre

eDF Energy - Torness Power Station

Suitable for all ages (3+)

The mobile visitor centre is designed to capture the imagination of children and adults alike with hands-on displays and to learn about how Torness generate electricity for over 2 million homes.