Molecule Hunt (competition)


Win your own Molecules Model kit!
Take part in the Dunbar Molecule Hunt competition. Find 17 different molecules in 17 shops and businesses throughout Dunbar.
The winning entry will be drawn at 4.45pm at Dunbar SciFest on Sunday 23rd March. The first three correct entries drawn at 4.45pm on 23rd March will win Molymod Kits, kindly donated by Philip Spiring of MolyMod and other great prizes!

The three winners will receive:

  • A MolyMod Kit, donated by Philip Spring of MolyMod
  • A Dunbar Traders Association Hamper, containing goodies from the 17 participating businesses. Each hamper will contain a mix of goodies, such as a bike computer; ‘breathable shoes’; a swim fin; a water clock, or T-shirts.
Entry forms must be returned to the offices of Dunbar PS, either the John Muir Campus or the Lochend Campus, by 12pm Friday 21st March OR at the Dunbar SciFest weekend admissions desk by 5pm, Saturday 22nd March.
How many can you spot? Each molecule is relevant to the type of business where it’s displayed. To help you, we’ve shown the approximate locations of the molecules as red dots on this map.


Thanks to

  • Sandy and Lorna Smith,, for creating the competition and molecule models.
  • All of the participating businesses for hosting the molecule models and the Dunbar Trades Association for their support for this initiative.
  • Philip Spiring of MolyMod for donating the competition prizes – Molymod Kits.

“Makeitmolecular for the original Molecule Hunt concept

Click here to download your copy of the molecule hunt competition form: